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Utilising a tried and tested methodology that combines advanced project management with expertise in managing senior level domestic and international search projects to provide a complete, structured and transparent process, ensuring visibility to everyone involved from start to finish.

Phase 1

Define, Refine and Build our Search Strategy.

Gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation’s culture, strategic goals, challenges and where the requirement for onboarding key personnel is born from.

Ascertain where the candidate fits in to the Senior Leadership team and what skills, attributes and experience is needed, the challenges they will face and what the vision of this appointment is.

Refining and Building, with you, a tactical search strategy that will position and attract the very best executive talent to the opportunity.

Phase 2

Tactical Execution of our Search Strategy.

Go to market. Providing regularly consultation, feedback and challenges from the live search.

Refining our strategy, if necessary, to achieve the optimal shortlist of qualified executive talent that fulfill all of the agreed criteria and more!

In-depth discussion of the proposed shortlist and a road map of the recruitment process.

Phase 3

Interviews, Feedback, Offer Management & Onboarding.

Once a decision to offer has been made, DOMUS SEARCH will work closely with you to create and present the offer to your selected candidate. Seamlessly managing the resignation, exit and onboarding of your new executive.


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