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Established in 2009, Domus is a leading provider of Health and Social Care Recruitment. With a focus on Nursing and Residential Care for the Elderly, we recognized the growing potential in the Domiciliary Care sector.

Our dedicated team now serves as the market leader, catering to roles from Branch Managers to Board Level positions.

We have exclusive partnerships with Care Providers large and small, including American-owned operators entering the UK market. Building on our success, we have expanded to bring our renowned services to the United States.

Our sector specialisms

Home Health Care

Assisted Living

Residential Care

Our unique
service approach

Unrivalled industry knowledge

With a deep understanding of our sectors, we possess unique insights and expertise that enable us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to stay ahead of trends, provide strategic guidance, and make informed decisions throughout the recruitment process.

Enhanced candidate & client experience

At every stage of the recruitment process, our goal is to add value. We enhance resumes to ensure clarity of facts, figures, and prominent highlighting of achievements. This benefits both candidates and clients alike.

Extension of our clients' brands

We strive to fully understand our clients values, culture, and goals, enabling us to represent them effectively in the recruitment process. By aligning ourselves closely with our clients, we ensure a seamless integration and enhance their brand reputation throughout the hiring journey.

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To get in touch with Domus Search please call +1 786 882 8672 and you will be directed to the relevant consultant, alternatively email or complete the form here.