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How we work with clients

At Domus Search, we understand that finding the right talent for your organization is crucial to its success.

As a premier recruitment agency, we are dedicated to connecting businesses with the most qualified professionals who will drive growth and innovation.

With years of industry experience and a proven track record, our tailored recruitment solutions have helped numerous companies thrive. 

Retained Search

From executive and high-level positions to entry-level roles, Domus Search offers specialized retained recruitment services. Our retained search ensures utmost dedication to finding exceptional candidates for critical roles within your organization.

This approach provides exclusivity and a commitment from us to invest significant time and resources in securing the best talent available.

Customized Strategy

We work collaboratively with your leadership team to create a bespoke recruitment strategy, considering your organization's unique requirements and industry landscape.

Extensive Research

Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive market research and identifies potential candidates from various sectors to ensure the widest talent pool.

Discreet Approach

We understand the sensitivity of high-level placements and maintain confidentiality throughout the process, protecting your organization's reputation and interests.

Thorough Evaluation

Every candidate undergoes a meticulous evaluation process, which may include competency assessments, leadership evaluations, and in-depth interviews.

On-going partnership

Our commitment extends beyond the hiring process. We continue to offer support and advice to both the client and the candidate during their onboarding and integration phases.

Permanent Recruitment

At Domus Search, we excel in providing leading permanent recruitment services. Our team of expert recruiters is skilled at identifying exceptional candidates for specific hard-to-fill roles, who not only possess the necessary qualifications but also align with your company’s values and culture.

We understand that each business is unique, which is why we take the time to comprehend your specific requirements and tailor our search accordingly.

Needs Assessment

We collaborate closely with your organization to grasp your staffing needs, job descriptions, and long-term goals. Understanding your company's values and culture is paramount to finding candidates who will integrate seamlessly into your team.

Extensive Talent Search

Our vast network and database of professionals give us an edge in sourcing the most qualified candidates. We leverage our resources and industry connections to find individuals with the right skill sets and experiences.

Rigorous Screening

Every candidate undergoes a thorough assessment, including interviews, reference checks, and skill evaluations. We ensure that only the best-suited candidates are presented to you for consideration.

Seamless Integration

Our support doesn't end with the hire. We assist in the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition for both your new employee and your organization.

Temporary Recruitment

When your business experiences short-term staffing needs or requires specialized expertise for specific projects, Domus Search has you covered with our temporary recruitment services.

Whether it’s covering employee leaves, managing seasonal demands, or fulfilling project-based requirements, we can swiftly connect you with talented professionals to bridge the gaps.

Rapid Sourcing

We understand the urgency of temporary staffing needs, and our quick response team efficiently locates qualified professionals ready to hit the ground running.

Skill Match

We take the time to comprehend the skills and experience you require for the temporary role and match them with candidates who possess the necessary expertise.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our temporary recruits are accustomed to dynamic work environments and can seamlessly integrate into your team to meet short-term objectives

Ongoing Support

Throughout the temporary assignment, we maintain regular communication to ensure both the candidate's and your satisfaction. If needed, we can also assist with contract extensions or transitioning to permanent roles.

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